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ImageWhole Life Insurance

Single Premium Whole Life Insurance

Pay one premium and have fully paid-up cash value life insurance. Issued in any amount subject to current GCU non-medical limits. Excellent gift for children or grandchildren. Adults who do not wish to be concerned with ongoing premium payments can pay once and forget it. Issue Age 0-85.
Maximum Premium $150,000.00.
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20-Year Payment Life

Many people select the GCU 20-Year Payment Life Policy because they pay premiums for only 20 years, and then become the owners of paid-up policies. Even after the policy is paid up, the cash value continues to grow. One of the nice features is that is accumulates cash value faster than Ordinary Whole Life Insurance. For this reason, the rates are somewhat higher. The GCU 20-Year Payment Life policy is issued on amounts of $5,000 and above.
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Ordinary Whole Life

Ordinary Whole Life is your best buy when purchasing traditional whole life insurance. You receive the greatest amount of permanent protection for the smallest outlay of premium dollars. While Ordinary Whole Life premiums are payable for life, many people purchase this plan with the thought of terminating premium payments at retirement and electing a reduced paid-up insurance benefit.
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