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GCU and Nationwide TeamUp


GCU GoGive!

You are a member of a society where giving back is encouraged and GCU helps you do just that!

Are you involved with and have a passion for a charity? Have you noticed an unmet need in your community? Could your church steps use some repair? Do you know a family that needs help with medical expenses?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, GCU GoGive! is here to help!

GCU will provide you with $250 seed money* to help get your project started so you can organize a team and host a project or event to help your cause.

If you are interested in organizing a GCU GoGive! project, please apply here!

Already applied and held the event? Fill out a report

GoGive! is Simple!

  1. Think about your cause and how you can help. Apply for GCU GoGive!
  2. Rally the troops! Recruit volunteers, friends, family, neighbors, etc. to join the cause.
  3. Use your GoGive! card to purchase supplies for the event.
  4. Spread the word and promote your event!
  5. Report back to us on your success! Share pics on Facebook and social media to inspire other members using #GCUgogive!

*Your GCU GoGive! card cannot be used as a direct donation.


All GCU members are eligible to organize two (2) GCU GoGive! projects per calendar year. You are a GCU member if you have a GCU life insurance or annuity product in your name.

Please note GCU GoGive! grants cannot be used for events or projects that are eligible to receive funding from lodges or districts.

Your Kit and Some Particulars

Please submit your GoGive! application at least four weeks before your event.

After your event is approved, you will receive a GCU GoGive! kit that includes:

After your event, come back and report! Please report back to us within 20 days of your event.

Remember to take pictures! You can share them with us via Facebook and social media with #GCUgogive!

Only one GCU GoGive! card is permitted per project. Multiple members will not receive approval for the same project.

All projects and events are subject to GCU approval.