What is Pre Need Planning and Funding?

Inevitably, someone, some day, will have to plan your funeral. It might be your spouse, your children, another family member, or even a friend or attorney.

 How can you be sure that they will know exactly how you would like to have things done?

Fortunately, you can make these decisions on your own, well ahead of the need and be assured that the funeral home you choose will carry out your final wishes – exactly the way you wanted.

Today, Pre-planning a funeral can be one of the most responsible and caring things that someone can do for themselves, their spouse, their family, and friends. It allows you to select specific merchandise and services that reflect your wishes.

Pre-planning is the best way to relieve your family and loved ones of the burdens and responsibility of making decisions at an already emotional and difficult time. It allows them to focus on love and support for each other, and helps eliminate emotional over-spending due to grief.

Funerals are emotional. While they mark one's passing, they are also a celebration of a life lived. You can help your family by making these important choices TODAY, so that they won't have to worry, or wonder if they made the choices YOU would have wanted.

Pre-funding your funeral can also help relieve most, if not all, of the financial burdens faced by a family upon the death of a loved one. It can be done all at one time, or, plans are available that would allow you to build over time, in amounts you are comfortable with. Pre-funding your arrangements can also help bypass the "look back" period for Medicaid, should you need to be admitted to a long term care facility.

At this time, GCU works with a number of Funeral Homes in Pennsylvania and Ohio. You can see them listed by Funeral Home Location or Funeral Home Name. Each of these funeral homes is staffed by licensed, dedicated professionals who can ably assist you through the process. If you do not have a specific funeral home in mind, we encourage you to contact one of our GCU affiliated homes.

Should you have a specific funeral home in mind but you don't see them on our list, please click here to request and let us know their name. We'll be happy to contact them about using GCU for your Pre Need Funding.

We are now offering a Pre Need Planning Guide if you click here and provide us with some information.

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